Monday, October 7, 2013



Just a couple of moms blogging about our everyday lives and kids!!

Kalika -
I’m Kalika, a kick ass wife and stay at home mom of 2. I do a lot of crafty stuff just to show my husband that I have more tools than he does..just kidding. I find myself mainly doing household projects, but I also venture out to gifts, seasonal decorations, birthday parties, and fun projects to do with the kiddos.
Brooke -
Hey y’all, I’m Brooke, a wife, college student, and mom of 3 very entertaining kids, 2 tween girls and 1 very active two year old boy who gave himself the nickname Nae Nae. My husband relocated us to Florida from Georgia last year after asking Nae if he wanted to be neighbors with Mickey Mouse. I mean, what kid wouldn’t?? So here we are a year later having a blast blast with our friends and Mickey of course while learning everything there is to know about our new hometown!! I am very random thanks to my ADD so you never know what I will say next but I promise you, it will be pretty funny. I have so much to share with you guys about my favorite recipes, freebie favorites, random funnies, Pinterest projects…I am so not crafty but they make it look so easy, I have to try it!, and anything else we decide to talk about. I’m looking forward to sharing a laugh or two with you! Much <3
Rose -
Hi!! I’m Rose, a wife and stay at home mom of a mini diva. I’m a licensed cosmetologist who is obsessed with makeup. I have to try all of the new products out there, so I’ll be doing plenty of reviews! I have bright red hair that is always changing because I like to keep it funky! I'll try anything once so BRING IT!